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Domino games

According to historical sources, domino games have existed since the 12th century. There are multiple variations of the domino sets, but arguably the most common one contains 28 tiles.

The domino tile is rectangular and divided into 2 equal halves by a line in the middle. Each half (also called end) either has a certain number of dots displayed on it or is blank. Each of the 28 tiles in a standard domino set is unique and represents every possible combination of numbers between 0 and 6.

There are also larger domino sets with up to 190 tiles. These are suited for games with more than 4 players.

Basic rules of play

When a traditional set of 28 tiles is used, Dominoes is played by 2 to 4 players.

Most of the domino games are connecting-type. Players take turns and add dominoes to a layout so the matching ends can connect. They can place tiles at both ends of a layout as long as the number of dots is the same.

There are 2 types of domino tiles – Singles and Doubles. Singles have a different number of dots displayed on both ends. Therefore, doubles show the same number of dots on each end. Players add the Singles horizontally and the Doubles vertically to the layout.

The game begins with the player who has the highest-value double tile. That person puts the tile in the middle of the table, thus starting the layout.

The first player who plays all of their dominoes is the winner.

Go to our rules page for the complete how to play Dominoes guide.

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Common variations

The 3 most played Dominoes variations are:

Draw games – If you can’t play a tile, you must draw from the boneyard. This process continues until you draw a tile that can be added to the layout.

Block games – You immediately skip a turn when none of your tiles can be played. The round ends if all other players also can’t add new tiles to the layout.

All Fives – Players aim to score points by playing tiles and making the sum of the ends of the line a multiple of five.

Visit our blog to find other variations and types of domino games.

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Domino FAQs

How many pieces are in a Domino set?

The classic Domino set contains 28 pieces (tiles). This type of set is called double-six, named after the highest-value tile.

How many domino pieces do you start with?

In a 2-player game, each player starts with 7 pieces. When 4 people are playing, they begin the game with 5 pieces each.

What is the most common domino game?

Arguably the most played are straightforward Draw or Block domino games. But there are also other famous variations, such as All Fives, Mexican Train, and Chickenfoot.
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